Get the most out of existing systems by taking control. Quickly present the most relevant information from multiple sources and launch business processes within a single interface.

Centralise Your Critical Information

Built with client experience at the forefront, WorkCentre is designed to create a single interface for all your required tasks. We worked with our professional clients to deliver a solution that added value. WorkCentre integrates seamlessly with key applications to surface your most relevant content, control your tasks and collaborate, all from the one location.

One Location To Achieve Every Task

Operate with pure efficiency in an i2 Management customized interface

Operate From Single Interface
Visualise Important Data
Launch Automated Processes
Integrate With Workflows
Receive Task
Work With Multiple
Data Sources
With Others
Customise With Relevant Information

Are your employees doing all the leg work putting the puzzle together?

With multiple systems in play, businesses commonly struggle to implement efficient processes. Explore the benefits of integrating your existing systems to save your uses time.

Read our article "Working with Existing Business Systems" for more...

Get The Most From iManage

WorkCentre makes finding content and launching processes easy. Operating within iManage WorkSite, users can access all their content from the one location. WorkCentre makes accessing your most important content faster, bringing relevant information to the forefront.

Operate From A Customised Coversheet

Visualise your critical data and bring the most relevant information to your users with the WorkCentre coversheet. The coversheet is designed to assist the professional user by delivering the most important content upfront.

Integrate With Your Important Applications

Launch automated processes and track your tasks all from WorkCentre. Never leave the interface as WorkCentre integrates important tools for document automation and workflow at the click of a button.

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