RBRO Solutions

Enhance you connectivity between internal systems.

Who are RBRO Solutions?

RBRO Solutions is a leading business solutions provider dedicated to helping organizations get the greatest value from their business content and work processes. Founded on the philosophy that complexity must create simplicity, this belief is the driving force behind our solutions. Developing key integration solutions to iManage and K2 Workflows, RBRO has a solution to increase your organisations productivity.

The RBRO Solutions Suite

Explore the benefits of working with RBRO solutions. RBRO’s current products offer streamlined interactions with document management and process automation solutions for business users.


Makes some of the most popular non-integrated applications into integrated applications. Use to integrate web browsers and web-based applications on the browser level or only on designated pages. Watch introductory video. Regain control of data outside of your iManage DMS with Link2DMS.
Link2DMS - Conduit - This component of Link2DMS provides direct integration into iManage Work and robust linking within MS Excel documents to documents in iManage Work through standard Windows interfaces, making managing content links even easier.

Workspace Management

The first step to managing all content in iManage Work combines powerful and easy workspace template design functionality with efficient, task-based control. Automatically generate workspaces from almost any data source and easily allow changes to templates, to update existing and future workspaces.


Administrative - Easily transfer content between iManage Work libraries while maintaining metadata integrity and shortcuts. Automate Archive tasks to move content based on a pre-set retention schedule.
Quick Copy - Easily move or copy documents and/or folder structures to the same or different iManage Work libraries. Supports legal hold and archiving/retention initiatives.

HelpDesk Assistant

Empower helpdesk staff to easily assist iManage Work users with common issues such as granular updates to metadata or security; remotely check-in documents and 'advanced search' for documents using all iManage fields and document history.

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Find an RBRO solutions to fill the void

i2 Management have many more RBRO solutions to help increase your organisations productivity. Build alongside iManage and K2 work-flows, there are utilities for provisioning, support and migration, to make systems even more effective. Contact our team to find out more.