iManage Insight

iManage Insight

Surfacing the knowledge in your organization

Using Artificial Intelligence to search your files

iManage Insight is an innovative enterprise search application for, finding, analyzing / filtering and identifying key organizational knowledge and experts. Leveraging artificial intelligence, iManage Insight learns from user search behavior and establishes explicit and implicit links between data objects and people across the enterprise. Powered by the iManage RAVN AI platform, iManage Insight enables professionals to work smarter, by enabling them to mine the full depth and breadth of expertise to ensure project success.

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Improve Productivity

Encourage Collaboration

Efficiently Find Information

Leverage AI Capabilities

Manage Data Across The Enterprise

Find Relationships Between Assets

Promote Relevant Content

Advanced search capabilities, powered by AI

iManage Insight takes enterprise search and unstructured data management to unprecedented levels. It goes beyond generic legacy enterprise search by incorporating modern features and leveraging AI to learn from previous searches to suggest the most relevant content to the user that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

A robust set of capabilities include:

- Efficiently discover and include items in shared network drives.

- Narrow searching by source, file type, data and query text.

- Use industry specific terms in your search criteria and select virtually any source such as DMS, third-party website and even people.

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Automatically promote relevant content

iManage Insight automatically promotes relevant information. It learns from previous searches and becomes aware of your interests then automatically suggests relevant content based on those interests.

Content that has been scored, graded, linked or accessed frequently is also automatically promoted by the system in subsequent searches. Users with the relevant permissions can “boost” the relevancy of certain documents or topics globally to specific users or groups.

Discover relationships between knowledge assets and personnel

iManage Insight’s powerful “Knowledge Graph” capability, visually illustrates how a person is connected to various areas of interest as well as the many inter-relationships between data objects.

For example, selecting the Knowledge Graph tab, users can see all the matters and documents a person of interest are engaged with and can help find individuals that have the same or similar areas of expertise.

iManage Insight exploits links and exposes hidden knowledge that goes beyond keyword search to help you find relevant content quickly.

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