iManage Govern

iManage Govern

Manage, archive and govern information throughout the project life cycle

Manage your files with confidence

iManage Govern enables professional firms to manage information for rapid access and appropriate retention throughout the project lifecycle. Tightly integrated with iManage Work, iManage Govern provides a unified system to manage project files according to each client’s retention policies—and enables your organization to meet audit and discovery requirements. 

With iManage Govern, inactive project files can be automatically archived in their existing structure to reduce storage costs yet remain visible and searchable from iManage Work. Physical files, electronic documents, emails and records can be managed across both iManage Work and the archive within the project file structure. And each file within the project can be associated with a specific retention policy.

Streamline Your Governance Processes

Manage your information a smarter way. See the advantages of iManage Govern.
Archive Inactive Projects
Centrally Apply Policies
Integrate With iManage Work
Outsoruce Records Retention
Reduce Infrastructure Costs
Searchable Archiving
Reduce Risk
Enhance Productivity

Archive inactive projects to reduce infrastructure costs

While inactive project information is a valuable source of information for professionals, storing massive amounts of information can significantly increase infrastructure costs. iManage Govern enables you to automate the archiving of inactive project information to less expensive IT infrastructure while keeping that information searchable and accessible. 

With iManage Govern, your professionals can seamlessly access archived information from iManage Work, helping to protect productivity while reducing infrastructure costs.

Centrally apply retention policies to physical and electronic content

With iManage Govern, you can centrally apply retention policies to virtually any client record, including physical files, electronic documents or emails. A central interface enables administrators to set records governance policies, including trigger events, retention periods and disposition rules, as well monitor and enforce compliance. 

Administrators can also apply enhanced retention management functions, such as event processing, review, cutoff and records closing. RFID integration improves accuracy and helps records professionals locate lost files and perform inventories more quickly than ever before.

Take records retention responsibility off your professionals’ shoulders

Busy professionals don’t have the time to become records managers; they need to be singularly focused on utilizing their valuable billable time to ensure positive outcomes for their clients. Because iManage Govern is seamlessly integrated with iManage Work, it’s easy to keep your professionals focused on their work and still ensure compliance. 

By streamlining document capture, classification and security with automatic application of governance policies, iManage Govern eliminates the pressure of determining which documents to declare as records in order to ensure proper governance—your professionals just file and it’s done! Automating compliance not only improves overall productivity, it also reduces firm-wide risk.

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