GlobalX Integration

Integrate GlobalX & iManage Today

Save your organisation and user time.
Remove the need to manually store your GlobalX files in iManage.

Seamlessly uploads your documents into iManage.

i2M are proud to deliver simplified GlobalX to iManage integration. An intuative solution that works in the background to automatically file your documents to the correct matter location.

i2M's integration has made things far easier.
No need to manually copy GlobalX documents into iManage any more. Things move that much faster now.

Why should you integrate GlobalX and iManage?

Save Your Users Time

Completely eliminating the need for users to manually move GlobalX documents into iManage. i2M's integration runs in the background to store your requested documents in the correct location. All your users need are the Matter ID and i2M will do the rest.

Create Consistency & Governance

Integrating GlobalX and iManage creates a standardised structure for how requested documentation is stored. This makes it easier for user to locate needed files, with document locations remaining consistent across an organisation.

Make Your Users More Productive & Happy

Solving everyday problems by making users days more efficient frees up organisational resources to complete more important tasks, resulting in greater user welfare and productivity. Simple changes can make all the difference.

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Simple. Easy. Worry free. i2M's GlobalX & iManage integration fits in perfectly.