Document Bundles Made Easy.

Easily create electronicbundles, briefs or binders from anywhere!

Document bundling at its best!

Take documents from anywhere - your folder, case or document management system. Bundledocs organizes them into a neat, numbered, indexed and sectioned booklet in minutes. Instantly ready to save, share or print. No matter how big or small, you can change in seconds. Simple, easy to use, time-saving and massively efficient.

No upfront costs, no training needed, no minimum terms - just get going!

Complete bundles in 5 simple steps

1) Create

2) Format

3) Upload

4) Customise

5) Download & Share

The Benefits of Bundledocs

Integration with the finest...

Connects with your everyday solutions. Access your documents quickly with our seamless integrations. Bundledocs integrates with world leading solutions including case management systems, document management systems, cloud solutions etc.

"Bundledocs is an amazing time saving tool for creating, editing, indexing and paginating bundles. It has simplified a burdensome part of the litigation process at a time when solicitors’ are under increasing pressure to reduce their costs."

— Short Richardson & Forth LLP

Simple to Start. Easy to Adopt.

No Hidden Up-front Costs

The era of paying large up-front fees is over. Now you can access powerful technology at the click of a button and no need to wait weeks to get setup. Just get going.

No Cancellation Fees

No minimum notice period. No terminations fees. Cancel at any time directly within your account - No problem.

No Add-Ons Required

Powerful features as standard. You don't pay for any additional features, enhancements or integration partner connectors. Complete feature access any-time, any-where, any-device

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