Automating Important Commercial Content

Important Commercial Content Automation

Technology that improves quality, saves time and lowers risk.

Many organizations have harnessed the capability of document automation systems, resulting in significant time saving, improved quality, and a lower risk profile. Document automation systems are successful in all sized organizations from global giants to SME’s. Can your organization benefit from adopting this technology?

What is Document Automation?

The process of transforming documents or emails into intelligent templates, and then using those templates to create to-the-letter accurate documents, every time.

What Results Can You Expect?

Think about the high volumes of similar documents that an organisation creates; many only have slight variations. Automating document creation will have a brilliant effect on your business through streamlining the creation process. With automation, you can use fewer resources to generate documents quickly, and be 100% confident in output accuracy.

By automating their documents, some i2M customers have cut their document production from 2 weeks down to only 2 hours.

Another i2M customer reduced the number of document templates they use in a single business area from 400 to just 10 templates; over 97% improvement and the annual administration effort of a full time employee saved by the organisation.

How Does Automating Content Work?

Document automation captures and reuses expert document-related knowledge. Documents best suited to automation are usually sophisticated, high-value, and critical to the success of the organization. The corresponding templates contain and enforce crucial business logic. Document automation software utilizes the correct data to output accurate documents, customized to fit exact requirements, every time.

Simplification is again the end goal for refining the professional workers’ end-to-end processes for document creation; less key strokes & fewer clicks. Automating document creation is designed to greatly reduces the required user interaction time, and in some cases remove any need for human intervention entirely.

The Benefits of Document Automation

Save Resources Time

Less clicks and less keyboard strokes. Users will save substantial time during the document creation process and can focus on higher value tasks, knowing their documents are taken care of.

Reduce Administrative Effort

Manual administration efforts are drasticly minimised. Manually filing content, communications, meta-data tagging and client delivery can all be automated to fit a companies needs.

Increase Company Efficiency

Documents are create at much faster rates with document content collated from predefined templates, external systems and minimal user input.

Improve Organizational Compliance

Structure of the company are somtimes complicated to identify and follow. With the content creation automated, standardised formats are defined & delivered by template driven designs.

Remove Human Error

A more hands-off approach to document generation means there is inherently less chance for things to go wrong. Most, and in some cases all information is pre-defined for your users.

It’s about what works best for you.

The most value is from fully automated document generation. For some organizations, our product becomes their AI document engine. Even in these most sophisticated automated systems, user input may be required to handle individual cases and exceptions.

For simpler processes, the use of user-driven document generation is all that is required. Compliance rates will be near perfect, leaving professional business users more time to complete value delivering tasks.

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