Improved courthouse way finding & management

A way-finding system designed to integrate with existing case-management systems and improve pedestrian flow throughout any facility.

Navigate your courthouse with simplicity & ease

Learn about the features CRAMS can provide your building
Integrated With Case Management Systems
Integrate to Building Management Systems
Improved Pedestrian Flow
Multiple Screen Formats
Touchscreen Interactive Displays
Emergency Evacuation Assistance

Enhance Pedestrian Way Finding

CRAMS is designed with one major philosophy, to make it as simple as possible for courtroom users to find the right destination. Using CRAMS will provide building users multiple avenues to get to the right courtroom. From touchscreen kiosk displays, to foyer and floor screens, CRAMS is perfect for any courthouse.

Case Management Integration

Align your display system with the constantly changing courthouse schedule. Keep information clear and accurate as CRAMS works seamlessly with your current content, ensuring that staff and users can easily reach their destination.

Integrate With Multiple Buildings

Integrate with your building management system to operate with your courtroom schedules. Manage multiple buildings and multiple jurisdictions from a single interface.

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