i2 Services

  • Implementation

    Effective implementation is the key to unlocking benefits from the i2's Solution set. Our consultants have been users of the Solutions we represent. They inherently understand the issues that our clients are seeking to resolve and the benefits they are aiming to achieve. A strong focus of our project methodology is change management and transition to production as it is critical to achieving the targeted project outcomes.

  • Business Process Analysis

    The i2 application suite is focused on the creation, storage, access and processes associated with content. Within all organisations opportunities exist to improve how content is generated, accessed and how it relates to other existing applications. The business analysis team are expert in spotting these opportunities and gaining commercial returns for our clients.

  • Solution Development

    The application set for clients differ in response to their business objectives. Our solutions developers are able to interface to other applications and in some cases develop sub systems to enable client applications to work effectively with i2's Solution set. Our development capability is a game changer enabling i2 to customise specific client needs.

  • IT Infrastructure Service Desk

    The design, acquisition and deployment of IT infrastructure aligned to the i2 Solution set is provided by our Technical Team. The team is expert in the delivering the infrastructure required by i2's solutions. The Technical Team together with the implementation team provide a unique "complete end to end" project team.

  • Service Desk

    The ongoing support of our Solution set is critical to our clients. We have invested in a ServiceDesk support centre with four dedicated staff to ensure that your queries are dealt with promptly and are managed effectively. We customise support agreement to suit your requirements which range from ad-hoc support through to detailed Service Level Agreements

Providing Leading Business Services

During its 20 years of client support, i2 Management have established a high level of competence in the exceptional software applications we represent. The applications set focuses on managing content and knowledge as well as document creation and process automation.

We implement and provide ongoing support to our software solutions as well as providing supporting services to tune the applications to our clients' needs. These services include:

  • Business consulting, process analysis and subsequent workflow development
  • Application analysis and software development
  • Integration of i2's application set with our clients existing applications
  • IT infrastructure architecture, design, procurement and implementation
  • SOE development, deployment and ongoing system audit

i2's key focus is on delivering a quality outcome for our clients, to provide a genuine commercial return from their investment in i2's services and application set.