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i2 Management Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned and managed company specialising in the delivery of IT products and IT professional services. Originally established in 1990, operating as Interlegal Pty Ltd servicing the IT legal market, the 'i2' branding was introduced in 2009 to reflect the broader market penetration the company now enjoys. i2 Management provides services to a diversified range of businesses including accounting, finance, superannuation, corporate and government organisations.

Common characteristics our clients share are that they are knowledge centric, and seeking IT networks and application solutions specific to their needs. For some clients we deliver all their IT requirements; For others we provide components of the firm's overall solution.

The company is committed to delivering quality outcomes to enable clients to focus on their business, rather than being anxious about the functionality, reliability and security of their IT systems.

Our commitment to clients is to help build business benefits.

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Meet the Team

  • Andrew CalladineManaging Director
    Andrew Calladine
    Managing Director and Founder
    Solutions Development, Application Support, Project Management, Business Re-Engineering

    As an original founder of i2 Management, Andrew has vast experience in many aspects of the industry. His current role is to provide assistance and direction to both i2 Management staff and Clients. He leads in the area of Solutions Development and Application Support with a focus on problem solving and business direction. His role allows him to build quality relationships with Clients and ensure that their expectations are understood and delivered upon.

    Outside of i2 Management, Andrew enjoys good food and fine wine along with the occasional "Darts Night" with the boys. He is also a keen musician, singing and playing the guitar in his band.


    • Project management
    • Solutions analysis and design
    • Product development
    • Business re-engineering

    Education and Experience

    • Diploma in Computer Programming
    • More than 25 years of industry experience
  • Bruce FallaverDirector
    Bruce Fallaver
    Business Development, Courts and Tribunals Management

    Bruce is one of the proprietors of i2 Management and has been with the company since 1998. Prior to joining i2 Management, Bruce had 15 years of experience working within the legal software systems market.

    Bruce's expertise and involvement in areas of practice and content management, document automation systems, software development, and sales and marketing has equipped him with innovative thinking and the ability to excel in all areas of business development. Bruce's extensive know-how in business development and drive for excellence in service delivery is evident in his successful relationships with both partners and clients, as well as in the successful past and current developments at i2 Management.

    Bruce's role as Director of i2 requires him to be involved in every aspect of the company with a major focus in Business Development, and Management of the IT systems at the County Court of Victoria from a business standpoint. He provides guidance to all staff, as well as builds and maintains ongoing relationships with clients; making sure all their needs are met through focusing on service delivery excellence.


    • Business development
    • Business strategy
    • Management of Service Delivery
    • Project Management
    • Financial Management

    Education and Experience

    • Economics at Massey University
    • 5 years IT experience at Databank Systems
    • 5 years with Unisys - Sales Management
    • 7 years Management CCL Ltd
    • 12 years Formed Inform - CLO PMS
    • Formed Interform - DMS specialty
    • Over 35 years involvement in creating and managing new business
  • Frank CiarnielloGeneral Manager
    Frank Ciarniello
    Consulting & Technology Manager

    Frank has proven to be a very valuable member of i2 Management since joining in 1995. He has worked in various positions in the company throughout the years and has contributed greatly to all areas of the firm's success.

    With many years of experience, knowledge and expertise, Frank's ability to analyse business environments, and provide and coordinate direction allows i2 Management to successfully create new opportunities and maintain existing client relationships.

    As the Technology and Consulting Manager, Frank has a comprehensive understanding of how to successfully conduct business and effectively provide client support. The role involves him in business decision making, operations management, project and financial management, IT consulting, and business analysis. He also provides technical support wherever needed to ensure the smooth running of operations at client sites.


    • Project direction and Management
    • Financial Management
    • Operations Management
    • Strategic IT Consulting
    • Business Analysis
    • iCSE training

    Education and Experience

    • Certificate in Communications
    • Certificate in Information Technology
    • Over 30 years experience working as a Technology Consultant, Project Manager, and General Manager
  • Sarah CrichtonConsultant
    Sarah Crichton
    Professional Support Team

    Sarah has been with i2 Management since 2005 and consistently proves to be a great asset to the company. Sarah moved from Warnambool to Melbourne in 1988 to expand on her career opportunities. Prior to joining i2, Sarah worked in the legal sector for firms in Melbourne where she was employed as a legal assistant as well as in a precedent role/IT role for several years. The many years of experience in the legal industry has equipped her with the knowledge and skills to effectively deliver excellent service to clients and the ability to successfully resolve issues that may arise.

    Sarah's role at i2 as a Consultant and Developer requires her to be proficient in the iManage and ActiveDocs products as an Engineer, in implementation and support of Document Management Systems, and in the conducting of user Training.


    • iManage Engineer and Trainer
    • ActiveDocs Developer
    • Business Analyst
    • Project Management
    • Advanced MS Word Skills

    Education and Experience

    • Desmond Dunne & Dwyer - Legal Administration (2 years)
    • Maddock Lonie & Chisholm - Legal Administration (4 years)
    • Middletons Lawyers - Precedent Manager/Trainer/IT (11 years)
  • Cindy CaseyConsultant
    Cindy Casey
    Professional Services

    Prior to returning to i2 Management, Cindy worked for Alphawest Optus for six years as a Business Analyst where she was involved in a variety of iManage and TRIM projects, including implementations, upgrades and data migrations.

    Cindy has had approximately 20 years' experience in the legal industry which includes 15 years working with document management systems. Her many years of experience in the legal industry has equipped her with a good knowledge and understanding of the document management requirements of law firms.

    Cindy's role at i2 Management as a Consultant requires her to liaise with iManage clients to design, implement and support document management systems, as well as train administrators and end users.


    • iManage Engineering and Training
    • Project Management
    • Business Analysis

    Education and Experience

    • Bachelor of Business, (Information & Knowledge Management)
    • Lead Auditor - Quality Management Systems
    • iCSE Engineer for WorkSite
    • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
    • Alphawest Optus - Senior Business Analyst (6 years)
    • Australian Home Care - Management System Administrator/Analyst (2.5 years)
    • Interlegal - Consultant (6 years)
    • Minter Ellison - Training Coordinator / Software Support (5 years)
  • Kaumil ParekhDevelopment Architect
    Kaumil Parekh
    Development Architect
    Solution Development

    Kaumil joined i2 Management in late 2006 as a Solutions Developer and has proved to be a valuable and key employee with his expertise focused on designing new innovative software solutions. Kaumil inherits a diverse set of skills acquired over a number of different fields including Accounting, Logistics, and Information Technology. His comprehensive understandings in these areas allow him to successfully operate and produce expert results

    He enjoys training and mentoring junior staff in relation to technical skills required to work with the current projects and newer technologies undertaken by i2 Management. Kaumil is also a keen member with the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

    Kaumil's primary responsibilities at i2 are Software Development and Integration services. He is involved in Project Management and acts as a Software Analyst and Architect with the advent of new strategies at i2 Management. His role also includes mentoring junior developers.


    • ActiveDocs Integration and Development
    • Use and understanding of varying Microsoft Technologies such as Microsoft .NET, VisualBasic.NET, java script, SQL server etc.
    • Systems Development
    • SQL Server Development using T-SQL

    Education and Experience

    • Interwoven Certified Systems Developer
    • Master of Information Technology (Software Engineering) Swinburne University of Technology
    • Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Accounting) Mumbai University, India.
    • 5 years work experience within the IT industry
  • Suwandy LoSolutions Developer
    Suwandy Lo
    Solutions Developer
    Solution Development

    Suwandy joined i2 Management in mid 2010 as a Solutions Developer. He has proven his exceptional skills in software development and has delivered many successful projects, particularly with workflow.

    He graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor degree specialising in Computer Science and Software Development. He has been working in IT and software industry for over 8 years and has been focusing on desktop and web application.

    During his free time he is a self-proclaimed tennis enthusiast, watches as many movies as he can and hangs out with his friends.

    Suwandy's primary responsibility at i2 is Software Development. He analyses, designs, and develops software, turning ideas into reality to meet our clients' business requirements. He is extremely strong in the following areas: Workflow, Document Automation, Business analysis and integration.


    • Microsoft .NET, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, and Java Script
    • HTML and CSS
    • SQL Server Development 2000, 2005, 2008
    • Document Integration and Development
    • Autonomy Process Automation Form and Workflow Design

    Education and Experience

    • iCSE Certified Engineer
    • Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science and Software Development) Deakin University
    • 8 years work experience within the IT industry
  • Marcello AverteCounty Court Support
    Marcello Averte
    County Court Support

    Marcello joined i2 Management in April 2009 and is the longest member of the Interform Helpdesk team at the County Court. Prior to joining the company, Marcello worked two years as an IT support technician at BigPond. His experience and knowledge in IT allow him to carry out his responsibilities at the County Court efficiently and provide a well-rounded understanding of client needs in terms of IT.

    He is an enthusiastic young man in the early stages of his career in IT. He is motivated and driven to succeed where he is always willing to try and learn new things to help him build a greater IT knowledge base. Marcello's role at i2 requires him to be based at the Victorian County Court as an onsite Technical support agent. He provides level 1 and 2 Helpdesk support to all court users.


    • Hardware Maintenance - PC's & Laptops
    • Use and understanding of Software/Applications such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet explorer
    • Network connectivity
    • Project Management

    Education and Experience

    • Provided technical support for BigPond customers for both ADSL and Cable (2 years)
    • Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems and Engineering
  • Nathan FieldCounty Court Support
    Nathan Field
    County Court Support

    Nathan has been with Interform, a subsidiary of i2 Management since August 2011. Nathan is one of 4 staff who dedicates the majority of their time at the County Court of Victoria. At Interform Nathan has precise KPIs and targets to be met, and has effortlessly done so in his time with the company.

    Prior to working for i2 Management, Nathan worked in the Private Healthcare sector where he provided 1st, 2nd & 3rd level Desktop Support for clients, as well as providing desktop support he has been involved in rollouts for software and hardware projects. As a result Nathan has brought with him knowledge and experience in the I.T. industry, and contributes to delivering the excellent client service i2 Management is renowned for.


    • Server Implementation Support
    • Desktop and Communications Support
    • Hardware Repairs
    • Printer Configuration and Maintenance
    • Experience in administering Networks, TCP/IP, VPN, Routers and Switches
    • Advanced knowledge in the Microsoft Office Suite (97-2007)
    • Use and understanding of all Windows client platforms (XP, Vista, 7)

    Education and Experience

    • Communications & Information Systems in Business - Monash University
    • Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems and Engineering
  • Tim HunterCounty Court Support
    Tim Hunter
    Technical Lead / IT Consultant
    County Court Support

    Tim has been with i2 Management since 2011 and spends the majority of his time at the County Court of Victoria, working as part of the i2 Management subsidiary, Interform.Prior to joining the company, Tim worked for years as a contract consultant where he provided 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support to a variety of firms.

    During Tim's time at the company, he has been critical to the delivery of various high value projects as well as the maintenance and administration of key systems provided by Interform.

    With a total of 10 years experience in the IT industry, Tim's expertise has contributed greatly to delivering the excellent client service i2 Management pride itself in. Tim's role in the company sees him based predominantly at the County Court of Victoria as the Technical lead. This role includes server and infrastructure administration, project management, as well as client and desktop support. Tim also provides general IT consulting services to various i2 Management clients.


    • Windows Server Implementation and Support
    • Networking and Desktop Support
    • SOE development and patch management
    • Project Management

    Education and Experience

    • Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering
    • Desktop Support at Bayer Australia
    • 5 years of IT Consulting
    • 10 years experience in the IT industry
  • Karon MordentiAccounts Supervisor
    Karon Mordenti
    Accounts Supervisor
    Finance, Procurement, Human Resources

    Karon's role is to it to look after the Financial Accounts for the entire group.

    She has worked for the company for more than 15 years and is integral to the operation of the company.


    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Purchasing
    • Billing
    • Banking
    • Office Management
    • Human Resources

    Education and Experience

    • QuickBooks
    • Advanced Spread Sheets